Rotarian Santi Nandi 
Successfully inaugurated as President of Wigan Rotary Club for 2021 / 2022. 

I have lived in Wigan for the last 36 years. I joined the Wigan, Leigh & Wrightington Hospital trust in 1985 as a Consultant in Elderly Medicine. I was born in India and came to England after completing my degree in Medicine. I have served the NHS since September 1968 and completed further training and higher degrees. After my retirement I joined the Wigan Rotary Club. I was inspired by the Late Dr Mani (Ex President) as I observed him at Asda supermarket checking blood pressure and advising people on how to prevent stroke. I have served the Wigan community as a physician for 25 years, now I wish to continue my service through Rotary focusing on disease prevention, stroke awareness, awareness of deafness, sanitation and feeding the hungry. Every winter I distribute blankets to the homeless in memory of my late mother in Kolkata, India. I am involved in an on-going project with a local charity in a rural part of West Bengal. A special toilet was built specifically for the young girls in a secondary school with the necessary facilities, in order that they don’t have to miss school during their monthly period time.

Motto : We work as one team.

Chains of Office 

Who's Who in Wigan Rotary Club 
2020 - 2021

Chair Persons of Each Committee 

Club Service - 

M. Meehan  


Membership - 

M. Meehan 


Fellowship -

 H. Hartley


Fundraising - 

G. Carter 


Community Service - 

P. Sudworth 


Environment - 

S. Cooper





International - 

A. Clegg


Foundation - 

G. Millard


Social Media - 

G. Carter 


Vocational Services - 

A. Clegg


Centenary - 

C. Wilkinson



President of the Rotary Club of Wigan, 1934 -35
& 1944-45

 President of the Rotary Club
Mr. James Starr, a bookbinder by profession, a Rotarian by interest, presides at a lunchtime meeting of Wigan Rotary.


 1924 - 1971

1924 Arthur Smith

1925 Alfred Clarke 

1926 A. E. Baucher 

1927 F. W. Boggis 

1928 C. J. Collins 

1929 J. C. A. Hargreaves

1930 K. E. J. Smith

1931 E. G. Poole 

1932 J. Edwin Smith 

1933 C. E. Marsden / W. R. Dayton 

1934 W. B. Vincent 

1935 R. W. Burney 

1936 Jesse Baker 

1937 Ralph Wall 

1938 James Starr 

1939 J. McKinlay

1940 B. D. Hallet

1941 J. Butterworth

1942 T. Seddon,

H. R. Bennett

1943 T. H. Walker

1944 J. H. Starr

1945 J. H. Holme

1946 A. Seddon

1947 A. Hunter

1948 G. Thompson 

1949 H. P. Greener

1950 T. K. Bentley

1951 A. E. Poole

1952 J. H. Jayne

1953 J. Edwin Smith

1954 Jack Tilley

1955 W. Southern

1956 Lewis A. Pardey

1957 John Ashton

1958 J. Howard Coxon

1959 George H. Threlfall

1960 Cyril G. Dobson

1961 Roy S. Perkins

1962 G. H. Halsall

1963 Jeffrey Ashton 

1964 Edward A. Haigh 

1965 Leslie Thornber

1966 Kevin W. Foster 

1967 John D. Hopwood-Sayer 

1968 J. Basil Horsman 

1969 A. J. Marsden

1970 A. Ashurst

1971 A. R. Atkinson


1972 - 2020

1972 J. B. Dakeyne

1973 W. G. Merriman

1974 J. H. Harvey

1975 B. W. Pierpoint

1976 N. Peet

1977 A. H. Ward

1978 Rev. E. Rowlands

1979 P. Ratcliffe

1980 H. B. Ellis

1981 H. Smith

1982 R. Bassett

1983 N. Farrimond

1984 J. C. Coupe

1985 E. Walmsley

1986 R. G. Wilcock

1987 J. A. Aldridge

1988 J. Sawyer

1989 H. J. Lewis

1990 N. Harvey

1991 N. D. Barton

1992 D. J. Hampson

1993 P. Eastwood

1994 D. H. Mellows 

1995 J. Atherton

1996 D. Davies

1997 P. Hoddinott

1998 Rev. P. Warren

1999 A. Tomlinson

2000 S. Cooper

2001 P. Catlow

2002 A. P. Batt

2003 P. Mulqueeney

2004 M. Bell

2005 P. Peacock

2006 T. Bradshaw

2007 D. Davies

2008 R. W. Inglis

2009 E. Walmsley

2010 C. Wilkinson

2011 J. Walls

2012 V. Mani

2013 T. Hogan

2014 J. Rawson

2015 K. Trencher

2016 M. Bilsbrough

2017 G. Millard

2018 J. Wright

2019 M. Reeves 

2020 R. Charles 

2021 S. Nandi